Thank you so much for visiting my site and taking the time to get to know me, behind the camera. I'm Shannon, a self taught photographer living in Rushford with my husband and our three children. I have always been 'that girl' or 'that friend' who had a camera at every event. My friends really love me when I pull some of the oldies but goodies out! I then turned into a 'mom-ographer' who wanted to have a thousand pictures of her baby girl. Moms, we are all one of them, and you know it! :) 

From when I was spending my allowance at the drug store on disposable cameras to my first 'big girl' camera and I thought I was the best. EVER. To now when I excel to be the best ever and I put time and effort into every image that I take. I take great pride in myself as a photographer and capture every image as if it was my own. 

I thank my daughter for being my model for so many years. She is now slightly off the hook as she has an equally as adorable little brother and sister for me to go after. Believe me, she's not complaining.

Behind the lens here are a few things about me that are just as important (and just plain fun) to know:

1. My husband and I will have a project going on at all times for the rest of our lives. We can't stand the thought of nothing to do. We've remodeled 3 houses already. 

2. I love to hunt. I hate to fish.

3. I have a Paralegal degree.

4. I WILL own a old muscle car sometime in my life.

5. I love music and have played the piano ever since I was 8.